Visit Amsterdam (Center 15 km.)
‘Vecht & Weide’ is also a great base for a visit to Amsterdam.
From Weesp Central Train Station, you can reach the train in 17 minutes.


Visit Muiden with the Muiderslot and Forten Island Pampus (9.2 km.)
The Muiderslot is a well-preserved medieval castle in the North Holland Muiden, from this beautiful village, the ferry to the 3 ha leaves. Great Forten Island Pampus, located in the IJmeer. It has been established as part of the Amsterdam Statement to defend the vanguard Pampus against attacks from the Zuiderzee. The journey from Muiden to Pampus takes about 25 minutes.


Visit Vestingstad Naarden, with the Fortification Museum (11.6 km.)
Naarden, Pearl of the Throw, tough city of history, design and shopping, photography, fortifications and culinary enjoyment. City of the Matthäus Passion, of the Arsenal Photo Festival.
Visit the Fortification Museum or take a tour through the fortress.


Dutch Institute of Sound and Vision, Hilversum (11.5 km.)
Discover the world of the media, visit the interactive theme park ‘Picture and Sound’ in Hilversum